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12 Tank in 1 Tank

You need to install many thermosiphonic systems on your flats roof and there is no available space for everyone? You need to heat domestic water through the central system but one apartment should not use other apartment’ s water? Here is the solution! 12 Tank in 1 Tank! Available with 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 or 12 tanks. New innovative product for central water heating by the sun. This new solar tank for multiuser will heat the water costless for the whole building and will distribute it equally to each apartment.

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  • Separate inner tank of hot domestic water for each apartment with specific water volume for equal distribution of the free energy.
  • Can be connected even to the central heating boiler. • Less maintenance.
  • More efficient installation space coverage.
  • Self-adjusted and self-controlled system.
  • Other energy sources can be connected as well.
  • Better quality of hot water production.
  • Value for money.
  • Domestic water heating by the sun for buildings with limited installation space.
  • Central water heating for 3 and 4 floor buildings with common heating boiler and specific water quantity for each apartment.
  • Forced circulation solar installations for water heating when there is demand for equal distribution of hot water in more than 1 apartments.