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Atlas is a new product created by VENMAN to cover the needs for domestic hot water in small and medium sized units in which there is limited, if any, space for bigger installations.

Such units can be small and medium sized hotel units, maisonette complexes or large housing estates, small industrial properties etc. It has a capacity of 500L, with 6m2 of collector surface, while it can be increased up to 8m2 depending on the climate and needs.

It has a new and improved support system, capable of withstanding any adverse conditions created by the external environment in combination with the mass and the volume of the system.

Due to the nature and the characteristics of the product, the acquisition and installation costs as well as the depreciation of the system will be much smaller than an equivalent forced circulation system for the same requirements.

Atlas is designed and assembled under European (EN) and German (DN)standards.

Some product specifications are offered below:

  • Antimicrobial design for the heated potable water
  • Stable and direct hot water supply
  • Functional design
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Space saving design
  • 5-year guaranty
  • Possibility to be connected with central heating system and electric power
  • Long life in the following pages of the presentation customers will find all the technical specifications of the product as well as the standards of the product itself and the materials comprising it.

In the following pages of the presentation you may find all the technical specification of the product as well as the standards of the product itself and the materials comprising it.

We remain at your disposal for any further information or questions.

  • In heating and storing domestic water
  • In houses and small or middle hotel facilities
  • In flat and slopped roofs
  • Manufactured in accordance with European specification EN 12976
  • Specially designed for Heat pupms
  • Double or triple energy – Connection with Heat pump or boiler
  • Manufactured from sheets complying with EN 10130, Al 1998 DCP
  • Insulation from environmentally friendly polyurethane 48kg/m³ with a thickness of 50mm
  • Anticorrosion protection using liquid enamel in accordance with DIN4753 and magnesium anode in accordance with DIN12438-2.2
  • Metal surface external coating
  • Available in 150 to 500L

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